(1952-1958) - Saronno (Varese) - Garden villa Fiorita

The flat garden girdles a small twentieth-century construction. The dominant motif is the circle, creating illusory effects that expand the surrounding space in fantastic plays of shape.

A straight avenue divides the garden lengthwise, and diagonally to it a second winding path connects the two entrances, passing between eleven round pools linked by stepping stones that at times pass through the pools, leading to clumps of trees with dense foliage: golden spreader (_Abies nordmanniana)_, deodar cedar (_Cedrus deodora)-, and European beech (_Fagus sylvatica)_ etc.) . The larger pools are filled with water treated to prevent the formation of algae; within them are smaller pools of natural water where water plants grow. The circular motif is taken up again in the “dry” fountain and in the bays housing the portholes of the swimming pool. To conceal the view of the buildings surrounding the garden, small hillocks were created onto which the large pre-existing trees were transplanted – narrow-leafed ash (_Fraxinus angustifolia)_, American sweetgum (_Liquidambar styraciflua)_, American tulip tree (_Liriodendron tulipifera_) and new trees planted, Atlas cedar (_Cedrus atlantica), Podocarpus_ etc. Trees of moderate development but abundant spring blossom, such as apples and pears (_Malus_ sp., _Pyrus_ sp.), adorn the glass guest pavilion, and eighteenth-century sculptures are scattered in groups throughout the garden along with sculptural armchairs designed by Porcinai himself.