(1951-1958) - Florence (Firenze) - Garden with swimming pool and greenhouse - Villa La Terrazza

The characteristic feature of this project is the circle motif (stone wheels that adorn the outer basin of the swimming pool).

The service entrance to the villa is screened by hedges. The swimming pool created in front of the sitting-room is intimately related to the interior. The pool is set within a larger basin adorned with 87 randomly arranged stone wheels that fracture the rigidity of the straight edges, and embellished with water lilies, lotus flowers, papyri and other water plants. The surrounding lawn contrasts with the shape of the pool, sustaining the stately bearing of the ancient cedar trees. The paths are lit by little lanterns, while the swimming pool is illuminated by spotlights set into one wall of the pool. A pre-existing greenhouse has been transformed into a small winter garden, concealing the fuel tank for the heating of the villa and swimming pool and the rainwater collection cistern. (Ph.: Paola Porcinai)