(1966-1971) - Ca' Vescovo di Caselle d'Asolo (Treviso) - Landscaping of the Brion Vega plant, Caselle d'Asolo (Treviso)

The Brion Vega plant, designed in the 1960s by the architects Marco Zanuso and Pietro Crescini is without doubt an extremely original building.

Around the property a dune was designed and created; planted with shrubs this visually isolates the plant itself. The enclosure fences were concealed using thorny plants, acting as a further deterrent to access. The building itself was girdled by large rectangular evergreen hedges of _Chamaecerasus pileata_, interspersed with verges of staghorn sumac (_Rhus typhina_) and tulip trees (_Liriodendron tulipifera_), which were also planted in straight rows on the southern side of the property. On the opposite side is a sweeping meadow. Small but attractive gardens were laid out around the office premises. In the rainwater collection area, floating flower pots were designed so that the surface of the water could be adorned with water plants. In addition to the landscaping of the area around the plant, various items of outdoor furnishing were also designed (benches in stone and wood and litter bins).