(1983-1984) - Zoagli, Genova - Landscaping of the courtyard of the church of S.Ambrogio

In 1983, Porcinai presented a new design for the parvis of the church of Sant' Ambrogio in Zoagli.

The not-overly-large space in front of the church is decorated with white and black pebble paving in the style of the Ligurian villas and churches and with strips of slate in correspondence to the three portals, the entrances to the nave and two aisles in the interior. The space is delimited by a low wall, a perfect place to stop and admire the view of the sea that opens below one side of the square. The bases of the great holm oaks are carved to reflect the design of the pebble paving. (Ph.: archives -Comune di Zoagli and Paola Porcinai)