Landscaping of the mountain cemetery and the garden of the Villa “Il Roc”, Trivero (Vercelli)

Porcinai undertook numerous projects in Trivero (Vercelli) on commission for the Zegna family. These included the garden of the Villa Ca’ Gianin, the car park of the Ermenegildo Zegna woollen mill, the creation of the garden, terrace and winter garden on the roof of the building, the enhancement of certain stretches of the panoramic mountain road, the Panoramica Zegna, the landscaping of the mountain cemetery and the garden of the Villa “Il Roc”.

Landscaping of the mountain cemetery
Porcinai dealt with the landscaping of the entrance area, the vegetation and the private chapels of the Zegna family, completing the project designed by Federico Maggia.

Garden of Villa “Il Roc” Porcinai designed the garden in an area of very steep terrain: the project concerned not only the choice of the location of the villa, but also the design of the access roads and underground garages and the open spaces in the front of the house. Extensive movements of earth were exploited to create flat areas in front of the villa, underground garages and deftly concealed access roads. Next to the house a greenhouse was built with picture windows boasting a splendid view of the garden and the valley. Above the house larches and firs were planted to screen the public road, and the open areas beneath the villa were laid out as meadows planted with clumps of trees.