Landscaping of the Olivetti headquarters and the Ina-Olivetti district, Pozzuoli (Napoli)

The Olivetti headquarters in Pozzuoli near Naples, commissioned by Adriano Olivetti and designed by the architect Luigi Cosenza, is a landmark in the Italian industrial architecture of the 50s. Porcinai was asked by Cosenza to design the grounds and later to landscape the residential district progressively built in successive lots for the Olivetti employees.

The Olivetti complex extends over gently sloping land; to minimise the impact of the buildings, roofs and terraces on the coastal landscape, Porcinai concealed them by planting trees and creating hanging gardens and lawns. To enhance the quality of life, the existing trees and shrubs were preserved (Aleppo pines, Pinus halepensis, and Carob trees, Ceratonia siliqua); pines were planted in the areas close to the boundaries of the complex and deciduous trees, non-indigenous but typical of the Mediterranean area (paper mulberry, Brussonetia papyrifera, white silk floss tree Chorisia insignis, blue jacaranda Jacaranda mimosifolia, ombu Phytolacca dioica and others) in the central part to provide shade for the buildings in summer while allowing the sun to filter through in winter.
The terraces were planted with evergreen shrubs and climbing plants, and the external structures adorned with hanging flower pots. In the centre of the grounds a pool was constructed to collect water for the irrigation system.