(1972-1975) - Segrate (Milano) - Park of the Mondadori headquarters

The Mondadori headquarters, one of the most important buildings designed by the famous Brazilian architect and town planner Oscar Niemeyer, consists of three elements: a large parallelepiped characterised by arches of varying widths, flanked by two low sinuous blocks. Porcinai dealt with the landscaping of the complex, which is surrounded by a huge lake.

The broad lake was adorned with marsh plants and underwater plants, and fish were introduced to prevent the proliferation of mosquitoes. The flat areas around it were laid out as meadowland, bordered by rows of hornbeams and poplars mirroring the vertical thrust of the large arches of the building and blending perfectly into the surrounding landscape. At the sides of the area, at a level beneath the grass meadow, two large car parks were also created. (Ph.: Paola Porcinai)