(1954-1956) - Montecatini Terme - Pistoia - Swimming pool and park, Le Panteraie, Montecatini Terme (Pistoia)

In 1954, in collaboration with Maurizio Tempestini, Porcinai drafted the project for the Panteraie centre, comprising a swimming pool, bar, restaurant, and dance floor. Unfortunately the structure has been grievously distorted by numerous ill-advised operations of renovation and modification carried out over the years.

The swimming pool was set into a steep slope, so that it was partially raised. This height difference was exploited to carve out the changing rooms and utility rooms, as well as the glass panels enabling the swimmers to be observed. Pools of different depths were separated by a number of appropriately arranged terraces, so that the pool could be used by both adults and children at the same time. The embankments were planted with various types of oak, ash, pine and olive trees, while the shrubs comprised rosemary, heather and other fragrant plants. The creepers included creeping fig (_Ficus repens_).