(1977-1983) - Roma - Swimming pool, green areas and fountain, Hotel Sheraton (Rome)

The hotel, in the shape of a cross, is sunken as a result of the erection of an ugly bridge, built by the Rome City Council during the construction of the hotel on a plot of land that was to be part of the garden.

In the flat areas of the garden where the swimming pool and the children’s playground are located, at the request of the commissioner the avenues were planted with large palm trees (_Phoenix canariensis_) along with dwarf palms (_Chaemerops humilis_). The car park area is shaded by Persian silk trees (_Albizzia julibrissim_) while the entrances to the underground car parks are screened by trellises covered with jasmine nightshade (_Solanum jasminoides_). The bridge itself is hidden from view by a tall hedge of holm oak, while the staff service passages are concealed by a wooden staircase with tubs of seasonal flowers. Pomegranates, oranges, lemons, jasmine and other plants typical of the Mediterranean garden were planted around the pool. A series of pools set in succession down the slope create little waterfalls descending towards the swimming pool. Large pots with particularly decorative plants have been placed in the little courtyard in the centre of the hotel, overlooked by the windows of the restaurant. (Ph.:© Paola Porcinai)